Free Homeschool Curriculum
Spelling Course

Free online Spelling Course

The Spelling Rules, Lessons, Exercises, Dictation Exercises, and answer keys can be accessed from the Left-hand Navigation Bar


What you will need

  1. An English language dictionary.

    In the event that you do not have your own dictionary at home, online dictionary help is available here:

  2. Someone (a friend or parent perhaps) that is able to read out the words and dictation sentences to you.

How it works

We suggest that the lessons are followed in order because the lessons contain on-going review of words and lessons learned.

Pre-test - write the list of new words for the lesson while someone reads them aloud to you.

Exercises - included for each lesson

Dictation -  Have someone dictate (read out) each sentence for you to write down.

Final test - includes the new word list and the dictation for the lesson.

Suggested weekly work plan




For each misspelled word, write the correct spelling out three times


Do the exercises




For each error, write out the correct spelling five times


Mark the exercises (check the answer page available for each lesson)


For each error, write out the correct answer five times


Final test 


For each error, write out the correct answer ten times