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Hello and Welcome to

The Basic Cozy Spelling Course
free online version.

Appropriate for grade 6 to 8 level

Note: It is best to take a look at the course outline and the spelling rules pages prior to beginning the lessons.

The Course Outline, Spelling Rules, Lessons, Exercises, Dictation Exercises, and answer keys can be accessed from the Left-hand Navigation Bar.

Basic Cozy Spelling Course This free, thirty lesson  spelling course has been made available courtesy of Marie Rackham, author and producer of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course, The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course, The Basic Cozy Essay Course, The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level 1, The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level 2, and  The Cozy Classroom CD.

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Marie earned degrees in English and Geography from the University of British Columbia. She worked as a public school teacher for thirty-four years, teaching at all levels from kindergarten to grade twelve.

The curriculum for the course provided here was personally used by Marie in the public school system at the grade 7, 8, and 9 levels.

"Spelling, like grammar and punctuation, is a technique of English. Spelling is an important communication skill. In my opinion, since the advent of the Internet, it is even more important because words on a web page may determine what people think of you and your abilities. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors will make you appear less credible to your audience."

"Good luck and have fun with the course!"

Marie Rackham


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