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1. We link to sites that we find will be of interest to our visitors. These are ones WE seek out, with no expectation of reciprocal links, and are totally at our discretion. You may submit your suggestions, but if we do not believe it is a perfect fit, your site will not be considered for a non-reciprocal link.

2. We will consider trading links with sites who believe that our site is just as interesting to your visitors, as yours may be to our visitors. Your links page must be accessible from your main page because if the links are valuable to your visitors, you would make sure they are accessible to your visitors. Of course, the customer base will have to be a close fit. Take a look at what we sell (English Grammar Courses), and ask yourself if you have a fit with our company.

3. We are NOT interested in three-way links. Please don't even ask. We all know that is just a way to make the algorithms work...not a way to provide your CUSTOMERS/VISITORS with valuable information, which was the original intent of linking. NOT, as some people, including myself at one point, as a way of SEO.

4. If you are doing this for SEO, AND you meet the first three criteria, please feel free to submit your recommendation. However, be warned that I check every single site that submits, and if you have a first page that has a google page rate of 5, but your links page doesn't register, you likely won't be considered unless you fit into category one.




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