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4. We are NOT interested in three-way links. Please don't even ask. We all know that is just a way to make the algorhythms work...not a way to provide your CUSTOMERS/VISITORS with valuable information, which was the original intent of linking. NOT, as some people, including myself at one point, as a way of SEO.

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101 Homeschooling Sites to Follow
For families that choose it, homeschooling can be an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience for the students and the entire family. These sites feature diverse opinions and materials, and are not ranked or rated here, merely presented as excellent sources of information for anyone interested in homeschooling.

101 Easy Science Projects for Kids
Download our e-book that has step by step instructions for over 100 science experiments geared for grades K-12.  All projects can be completed with ordinary household items.

A Book In Time
Educators can easily find good books at to coordinate with any historical time period.  It is easy to find your desired era and choose your books with this chronological booklist.

ABC Home Preschool 
ABC Home Preschool is a resourceful site for parents teaching their children preschool at home.  This is the site of the original use and reuse wipe-off ABC Home Preschool Workbooks.  These workbooks are a 9-month curriculum for preschool age children that can be started any time of the year (not just September). There is a workbook for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds. In each workbook subjects include Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Crafts, Music and Physical Education.

A Little Sunshine
Personalized gifts for all occasions including piggy banks, step stools, toy chests, furniture, bookends, ornaments, planters and much more. Ideal for new baby, new home, newlyweds, kids, teens, students,

Alpha Omega Publications
AOP feels that educating each child is an exciting journey for the whole family. Our role is to help parents, Christian schools and bookstores meet this need along the way. AOP has the experience, tools, and advice needed to make each child's homeschool or Christian school experience a success.  Alpha Omega Publications has created valuable experience by developing superior educational material that is built on a solid foundation.  We understand that each child is one of a kind, and requires curriculum flexibility and choices that can be adapted to each child's distinct needs.

An Eagle's Nest Homeschool:
A Home For Wise Stewardship of family resources and education. Find facts, fun and freebies for learning at home (child through young adult), homeschooling links and answers, frugal travel, health tips, debt-free living, bio-ethics, science, creationism and evolutionism, ministry opportunities and just plain fun. Post your questions at our Wise Steward's forum, or chat on-line in our travel or education chat rooms.

Artists Helping Children
FREE toys, murals and art for children.

A to Z Home's Cool
Homeschooling website. Resources, homeschool curriculum, and information. Before entering this site, be sure small children are safely occupied, you have gone to the bathroom, and have plenty of snacks on hand. This is a large site with lots to read and do!

Barbor Software - Computer Bible Games
Entertaining software for Christian growth. Featuring Bible Grand Slam, a Bible baseball trivia game, Bible Touchdown, a Bible knowledge game in football game format, Amen CD-ROM game, and Do You Know Who I Am? a game of biblical personalities. All software at discount! Also, some FREE downloads! Great for homeschoolers or anyone who wants to have fun learning from the Bible!

Award-winning, fully self-contained, video and workbook course in basic English grammar. Unique presentation addresses auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles, resulting in better retention of material covered. Learn at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home with this "living textbook".

Bear Dance Crafts offers natural toys, natural craft supplies and books

Better Behavior Wheel
Child behavior management and positive parenting (without spanking) made easy with this upbeat, fun parenting tool. The Better Behavior Wheel gives you an upbeat tool for managing your kids' behavior and restoring sanity in your household. Effective parenting becomes easier with this unique child discipline tool. The atmosphere in your family will improve immediately as behavior modification is accomplished with fun and effectiveness.

BCHLA - BC Home Learners Association
BCHLA represents B.C. home educators from many walks of life with differing religious and philosophical backgrounds. We are a registered non-profit society dedicated to the protection of the family's freedom to educate children at home with minimal government intervention.

Breaking News English Daily breaking News English Daily

              Earth's Most Up-to-date ESL Materials Writer

Breaking News English Daily offers free world news and current affairs lessons uploaded daily. The news is still-breaking which makes it a unique EFL/ESL resource. There are twenty or more very communicative ideas per lesson, all copyright-free and 100 per cent photocopiable.

Bright Ideas Press
Maggie Hogan, co-author of The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide, and her husband Bob invite you to Bright Ideas Press. You will find the best in geography, history and science supplies for your homeschooling needs. We have articles on home education, web reviews, curriculum reviews, and lots of terrific home school resources. Our catalog is filled with the best materials available including maps, atlases, curriculum, hands-on fun stuff, and much more!

Cait's Preschool Curriculum This preschool curriculum that is perfect for Homeschool preschool curriculum with activity worksheets, lesson plans and crafts for many subjects including math, science, language, handwriting, shapes and much more.

Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page
A place where Canadian homeschoolers facing regulation difficulties can discuss it with others, find support and a collective voice. Only those interested in discussing the political and legal aspects of home education will find this list of interest. Includes links to conferences, courses, homeschool curriculum, newsletters, and much more.
Christian & Homeschool Resource Center by The Howard Family in Japan. Wealth of information on Christianity, homeschooling, curriculum, parenting, kids, US military families, Filipino-American resources, Free e-Cards, and more!

Clever Apple
Parenting, tutoring, teaching and homeschool curriculum and other resources. Need Extra Money? Start a Home Tutoring Business.

Devi's Home Schooling Pages
My home schooling pages with helpful links for homeschooling, ideas for homeschooling with the seasons, meditation with your kids, playing with your children.

Eclectic Homeschool Online
The magazine for creative homeshoolers - published from a Christian perspective. Includes homeschool curriculum reviews, articles and resource center.

Educational Toys
Including Leap Frog and Baby BumbleBee Educational Toys and DVDs. Free shipping provided with every purchase at Little Smarties Educational Toy Store. Educational Toys for the Little Smarties in your life. Magazine
Parents are always searching for good solid advice when it comes to their family and home life. Everything from teething, fitness, teenagers, home decorating, and harvesting your herb garden. Visit our special holiday sections!

Fire The Imagination
Engage your children with challenging and inspiring materials recommended by Practical Homeschooling, Cathy Duffy, The Well-Trained Mind and more!  Canadian distributor for Jim Weiss storytelling audio (incl. G.A.Henty), Classical Kids CDs and Teacher's Guides and The Mozart Effect CDs for studying and quiet time.


Online K-12 Homeschool Solution - Grace Academy

Helping Kids with Math and Reading
Math and Reading Help for Kids is a growing directory of original articles and resources centered on the topic of children's education. The purpose of this site is to provide a centralized information portal to help parents and children make informed decisions about school related issues.

Home Education in the UK
We are a Christian home educating family from the UK.   Despite our children having had a wonderful primary school experience, we decided to teach them at home for a while, after moving abroad to Cyprus for a few years. This site explains some of the reasons that people are choosing home education, with suggestions about how to get started and links to resources and legal information.  There are plenty of articles to read about various aspects of home education, and also about parenting in general.

Home Schooling Your Kids
The ultimate online information directory about home schooling that leaves no question unanswered.

Homeschool Internet Resource Center
The Home School Internet Resource Center provides an exciting, safe educational environment for the home schooling family. Free services include: software, a used homeschool curriculum exchange, e-pals, a home school news magazine, homeschool curriculum reviews, and an inexhaustible list of subject reference links - all updated daily to keep you informed!

Homeschool Oasis
Homeschool curriculum and resources from Barb Shelton, homeschool parent and author.
To provide a home where all sorts of home schooling curriculum reviews can be written, reside, and be read. All homeschoolers are welcome to post their reviews of curricula that they've used--the more the merrier!
Homeschool Supermall showcases family-friendly stores and businesses that offer products to homeschooling families - homeschool curriculum, supplies, toys, books, apparel, gifts, computer hardware- software, services, and more! !

Homeschool World
The official site of Practical Homeschooling magazine and The Big Book of Home Learning. See the Home Life Catalog - your source for homeschooling and family products!

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
Parent offers thousands of links for home educators and unschoolers, including FAQs, newsgroups, vendors, mailing lists, parent resources, and homeschool curriculum links.


Online Homeschool Solution - Jubilee Academy


Learn Spanish Learn Spanish Today Learn Spanish -
Learn Spanish on-line for free, using interactive audio/visual lessons.

Learning Things - The Education Store offers a great selection with below publisher prices for educational curriculums, educational toys, videos, and science kits. Some stores will sell anything. At Learning Things, we believe we are held accountable for what we sell. That’s why we carefully review and screen all of the materials we sell to make sure they are consistent with biblical truths.

Life Learning Magazine
The International Magazine of Self-Directed Learning.

Mothers With Attitude
Welcome to Mothers with Attitude! Humor and help for adoptive moms, special-needs moms, any old moms at all.

New Wineskin Publications
Bible Studies for youth that build active learning situations full of interaction and creativity.  Youth grow as they study and apply the Bible¹s lessons to their daily lives.
Time management and organizing solutions for busy lives.

Parenting Bookmark
Character Education. The building blocks of self esteem for children and their future.

Peggie's Place
A fun 'n faith Christian home on the Internet, with many resources for the family--homeschooling, humor, devotionals, music, school, kids, teen, and much more!.

Sassafrass Grove
Online resource for Homeschoolers

Speed Reading Software
Unleash your reading genius with RocketReader. FREE trial download. Try speed reading and advance in your career and studies today

Super Teacher Worksheets
Printable worksheets for teachers, parents, tutors, and homeschool families.

Sweet Home Press  Curriculum for real life. Our flagship product is Conversation with Character, training children in the art of conversation.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


Times Tales
Times Tales is the outcome of an idea developed by homeschooling mom, Jennie von Eggers. While teaching her two boys multiplication facts, she noticed they were consistently struggling with certain problems.  Answers for the lower facts came easily since they could quickly add them in their head when they got stuck. However, the higher facts, such as the 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s, were much more difficult to process mentally. To overcome this problem, Jennie turned these higher facts into memorable stories, enabling her boys to memorize the facts quickly and with little effort.  With very little review, they could recall the facts even months later.  Jennie was so impressed with the success of this method that years later, she joined with two other homeschool moms to fully develop this program. Times Tales is the outcome of that endeavor.

Trisms Homeschool Curriculum
Time related integrated studies for mastering skills. Serving the Homeschool community since 1990.

Wolfhaus School of the Arts and Garden
We are devoted to the concept of home-schooling, and home-working, as a way to reduce congestion on the roads, and ... in the schools. We feel this will save our collective sanity, as well as provide a quality education to our children.

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