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Learn how to organize your research notes into a top-grade essay.

What the Professors aren't telling you about that lower-than-expected grade on your paper; eight out of ten times it has nothing to do with the content.

Marie Rackham

From: Marie Rackham
Retired English Teacher

Dear Student,

According to a number of resources, some of which are listed below, the inability to organize thoughts into an academic paper is rampant.  In the course of your studies there will be many occasions on which you will be required to write an essay. The ability to create a coherent structure and to ensure a proper flow in your essay will definitely be reflected in the mark you receive. 

A weak writing style will create obstacles throughout your life. These could range from poor grades in college, to rejections on grad school applications, and poor job evaluations from employers.

When you do not know how to write an essay, it can be a fearsome assignment. The majority of college/university professors will expect that you already possess this skill. Unfortunately, studies prove that is rarely the case. Due to a number of contributing factors students are just not being taught writing skills in a manner that would lend itself to producing papers that are clearly and concisely written. It has become apparent that in order to attain these skills, students will likely have to look elsewhere for assistance. In an effort to fill this gap, I have created The Basic Cozy Essay Course.

Learn how to organize your research notes into a 
top-grade academic paper.

With this easy-to-follow essay writing course you will:

  • Learn the difference between essay format and essay style.

  • Learn how to apply one simple format to virtually any style of essay.

  • Learn how to connect your ideas in a constructive manner.

  • Receive on-screen, step-by-step instructions on how to format an essay.

  • Learn how to use footnotes.

  • Learn how to create a bibliography.

  • Learn about essay presentation.

  • Get comprehensive on-screen instructions on creating two different styles of essays (research and expository).

  • Learn how these two different styles of essays can effectively follow the same format.

  • Receive a reproducible study guide that includes an additional 10 styles of essays, with samples, using this same essay format.

After watching the [Basic Cozy Essay Course] DVD, my college-age son revised an argumentative essay which he had written the day before, and the subsequent results were more professional and polished. Another child (my 14 year old daughter) commented that the formula taught would also be useful in preparing speeches and talks. Overall, this is a most useful program. Laura Bahrt

The real life examples used in her teachings make the transfer and application of the information straightforward and easily applied to the construction of producing an essay. Educational Media Reviews online


Essay Writing Course

The Basic Cozy
Essay Course

If I had to write an essay
on the things I love to do,
I'd write of beach walks,
tending plants,
and spending time with you."

Marie Rackham

Join Marie, a retired English teacher, for a relaxed tutorial that will demystify essay writing. In this course Marie utilizes her neighbor's charming garden and a walk among the tidal pools on the beach to supply you with the tools for writing an essay.

The course includes one DVD and one reproducible workbook on CD, containing:study guide, essay format, 12 essay styles, presentation, and sample essays.

Additional Information

Nothing will undermine the research you have done faster than the inability to write your thoughts down in a manner that flows well and makes sense. While mediocre writers abound, in both the classroom and in the labor force, someone who writes skillfully will stand out and be more likely to succeed.


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Yours in Education,

Marie Rackham

P.S. Don't wait until you get a lower-than-expected grade on your next paper, order NOW and be ahead of the game!

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